How can Maya Abdominal Massage alleviate anxiety? Many people consider this work, “uterine massage”. It is that, but it is so much more. The pelvic work, and I say “pelvic” instead of “uterine” because when we practice it with women, it is uterine work, but men can receive this work with great benefit as well.

Often where there is anxiety, there is also some concurrent digestive upset. This is where the upper belly work shines. The upper belly work begins just below the sternum. This is where the diaphragm sits. The diaphragm has three holes in it, one of the vena cava, one for the aorta, and one for the esophagus. If the diaphragm is tight, we have difficulty taking good, deep breaths, which will aggravate or trigger anxiety. The blood flow to and away from all of the abdominal organs is restricted. The esophagus is restricted, affecting digestion in a variety of ways.

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