Bless That Belly: Self Massage for the Pregnant Belly

What a gift and a blessing to feel life growing within! Unfortunately, with this gift, comes some physical discomfort; anxiety related to upward pressure from the baby onto the diaphragm, heartburn, indigestion, round ligament pain, to name a few. We are acculturated to believe that we must live with these discomforts as part of the process. Most of these things occur due to the uterus being out of alignment, One piece of how we can gently, and non-invasively work to re-align the womb and alleviate some of these common ailments, is through the Self-Massage taught within the lineage of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy TM. Join Chaya today in learning this Self – Massage, inviting greater peace and well-being in your baby and your belly.

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