Breech and Posterior Babies

As we know, babies are meant to be head down. Some of us know and others do not, that they are also supposed to be facing the direction of the sacrum. I remember it by thinking they should be facing the “Sacred Bone”. This position is optimum for birthing, as it puts the crown of the head to enter the canal first. The diameter of this part of the head is much smaller to fit through the canal as opposed to the brow portion of the head.

Many babies, due to a variety of factors, are breech or posterior, which can make it difficult to have a vaginal delivery. Most practitioners will not vaginally deliver a breech baby. A posterior baby will often cause severe back labor, making it difficult to birth vaginally.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy TM can help the baby find the optimal position for healthy and safe vaginal delivery. As a practice, we would never legally claim to turn a breech baby. What we do is subtle, gentle and effective. The massage and self care practice, helps to relax the mother and baby, and create more space in the pelvis, inviting the baby, if it is its will to come to the best position to make birth easeful and fluid for both mother and baby. I say, if it is the will of the baby, because sometimes there may be good reason for a baby to remain breech that we cannot know from the outside.

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