In Honor of Shira: A Call to Action

In Honor of Shira: A Call to Action

It is indeed a tragedy to have lost this beloved woman, wife, mother of two. I did not know Shira personally, but have been following the last few weeks of her journey. Yesterday, I read her blog, the story she wrote to her son about his birth, so he could always have that. She is a powerful writer, and gifted her son this story within the sacred light that she and he deserve to remember this story. She kept the beautiful story of his birth separate and sacred from the fact that she learned she had rectal cancer just after the birth.

As a woman, as a mother, I am devastated by the loss of Shira. On a greater scale, about the implications this loss has in the greater picture. What is happening to our planet that young women are getting sick like this? Better yet, WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP? Right? Sometimes we feel powerless, but we are consumers, which means we actually have great power. How can we, as consumers, start to make a difference and heal this planet?

This is an invitation to choose one thing, in honor of Shira, to make a healthy difference, to leave this earth a better place for our beloved children.

In Steven Buhner’s, The Secret Teachings of Plants, he made a statement that impacted me greatly. “We do not have an endocrine system, we are endocrine beings.” Did you know that all of our hollow organs are lined with endocrine tissue? Endocrine tissue is responsible for all of our hormonal functioning and balance. It is extremely sensitive, and some people have more sensitive endocrine tissue than others, just like some people are more sensitive to temperature than others, right?

What affects our endocrine system dramatically? The 3 top offenders that come to mind that are ASTRONOMICALLY DEVASTATING our planet are:
1. GMO Corn and Soy – Honestly, both of these industries are so big, I do not personally even trust the stuff that says “organic”, because we do not have laws about labeling GMOs. Can we avoid all processed corn and soy?

2. Plastic – Plastic is a MAJOR ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR. We put foods in plastic bags, and containers, sometimes we even take the plastic container and reheat it in the microwave. This is actually terrible for your health! We buy our organic vegetables in the grocery store and we bring them home in those plastic bags. What if we invested a small amount of our money for a few of those cloth muslin bags that I am seeing in many coops and did away with those plastic bags in our lives. What if we bought a case of mason jars in which to store our leftover food, and did away with ziplock backs and plastic containers in our lives. In the long run it would actually be less expensive in our pockets and OUR BODIES!

3. Conventional meat – This contributes to the GMO corn and soy issue as well as many other issues on our planet. A lot more of our earth than I feel good about is dedicated to growing these crops in order to feed the animals that actually do not digest these grains. If you want to learn more about this problem, I highly recommend the film, Food Inc. If you happen to be a meat eater, can you commit to purchasing local, grass fed beef, so as not to contribute to the industries that are robbing and poisoning our soils?

My call to action, in the name of Shira, or anyone else who has been lost to a cancer like this, is to commit to eliminating one of the three above culprits in your life and home. Would love to hear from you about this!

Thank you for reading. This matter is dear to my heart. So much is at stake. How will we leave this planet for our children?

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