Is Maya Abdominal Massage just for women?
No. Maya Abdominal Massage is for everyone. This includes men and women. Maya Abdominal Massage, in addition to all of the ways it supports menstruation and the female reproductive system, also supports the health of the prostate and digestive tract. Additionally Maya Abdominal Massage is transformational work in regards to helping men and women heal from all kinds of trauma, whether it be from a physical accident or of sexual nature.

Is Maya Abdominal Massage just for pregnant women?
Again, Maya Abdominal Massage can support men and women in their path to health and growth.

Is Maya Abdominal Massage safe for pregnant women?
It is safe to receive Maya Abdominal Massage once the first trimester has passed. In fact, it is beneficial after the first trimester has passed. It was said by Miss Hortense Robinson, a traditional midwife from Belize, and one of Rosita’s teachers, that receiving Maya Abdominal Massage a few weeks before birthing, a few techniques in particular, go a long way to prevent vaginal tearing and/or the need for an episiotomy.