My, How He Has Grown!

It seems like just yesterday, he was a squishy little baby who could barely hold his little head up. Time means nothing. Moments are hours, and hours are moments. Time passes so quickly, except at night when we wake up every hour, and each time I think, it must be morning; surely he has slept three hours or so…alas…

He is over 5 months old now, rolling over, almost crawling, smiling, laughing, singing, charming everyone he meets. Friendly little Gemini. The first time it looked like he was trying to roll over, he was lying next to me on the floor, but not right next to me. He wanted to get closer. He reached what looked like his whole body, towards me.

This action speaks volumes about his development. This is a new level of him asserting his will. Before when he wanted closeness, he would cry. This communicates, “I feel separate from source, my (the my that means I am one with mother and we are not close enough for me to feel secure in the world) needs are unmet.”

The action of reaching his whole body instead speaks something entirely different. “I want to be closer to you, and I (almost have/am actively cultivating) the power to make this happen. Watch out world!”


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