Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

How do the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage TM support women during pregnancy?

  • Increases circulation to mother and baby
  • In a properly aligned Uterus, the baby chooses the easiest way out
  • Relieves and/or resolves common ailments in all stages of pregnancy including nausea, heartburn, fatigue, yeast infections, breast tenderness, round ligament pain, hemorrhoids, insomnia and more
  • Alleviates frequent urination during pregnancy
  • Self-care massage belly massage, which is taught to every client, supports the developing relationship between mother and child
  • Supports women who wish to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
  • May help alleviate the risk of Gestational Diabetes (no solid research has been done here, yet)
  • Midwives are seeing decrease in the length of birth experience and the number of women who tear or require episiotomies.

How do the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage TM support women post-partum?

  • Fajas (organ support wraps) help support the uterine ligaments to heal after birth
  • Vaginal Steam Baths help to nourish and heal the uterine tissue and aid the body in expelling the any retained placenta
  • Castor packs aid in healing the ligaments or scars from cesarean births
  • Improved healing for Diastasis Recti
  • Support and healing for postpartum depression
  • Supports faster healing of the uterine ligaments which stretch significantly during pregnancy and birth. This supports uterus coming back to optimal position in as timely a way as possible
  • Inquire about combining Holistic Pelvic Care and the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy for optimal postpartum healing.

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Pregnancy Package includes:
5 Pre-natal Treatments – Prenatal treatments support women experiencing round ligament pain, hip pain, sciatica, pubic symphysis disorder, reflux, heartburn, frequent urination. Women who receive this work during pregnancy often have shorter labors, with fewer complications.
5 Postpartum Treatments – Postpartum treatments aid in healing the uterine ligaments which stretch significantly during pregnancy, which supports optimal uterine positioning. Helps women heal common postpartum complications such as frequent urination, pelvic pain, stress incontinence and more.
3 Vaginal Steams – Acts as a uterine lavage, to aid the uterus in expelling any retained placenta, helps bring tone back into the pelvic floor.
1 Faja – Organ support wrap to support the healing of the uterine ligaments.

Cost: $975  (valued at $1055)

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