Young Living Essential Oils

The Young Living Essential Oils are Therapeutic Grade, which means they are safe for Young_Living_Everyday_oils_monarch_roominternal consumption. All other essential oils say, “for external use only”. This made me think, “Why should I put anything ON my body, that I can’t put IN my body?” Our skin is our largest organ and a conduit to all the rest of our organs, so it’s important that anything we apply to our skin, or even breath in through our air, as in diffusing the oils, is clean and pure.

Young Living Essential Oils also owns all the farms where the plants are grown for oil production, which assures the quality starting from the seeds and ending in our bottle of essential oil.

The best way to start using the oils is to get a wholesale account and order your Premium Starter Kit contains an oil diffuser and 11 different oils that are all incredibly useful. It’s like a combination of a medicine cabinet and Aphrodite’s elixirs.

Some of the many uses for Young Living Essential Oils:

*Balancing our emotions. Our olfactory nerve is directly connected to our center for emotional processing in the brain. The oils can be used more effectively for balancing our emotional states than medication.

*Chronic Health Conditions – Lyme’s, fibromyalgia

*Chronic Body Pains – back, joints, etc

*Hormonal Imbalances manifesting in the menstrual cycle or reproductive organs

*Digestive Disturbances


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